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We're Making Fetxh Happen

It all started with a pair of sparkly rhinestone boots seen at a pageant. Talisha started Fetxh because she was frustrated that the couldn't find a pair of boots she had seen someone wearing. She searched local stores, online, and leveraged her social network to help her find them - but she never did. That's why Fetxh seeks to take the frustration out of the shopping experience - both online and off.

With a decade of pageantry and fashion experience under her belt, Talisha started Fetxh. By understanding the emotional journey that goes into finding the perfect dress or those sparkly boots, we hope to bring a more personal touch to the discovery and searching phase of retail.

Our Values


Fetxh's mission is to bridge the gap between the online and offline retail world. Making it simple to find styles suited to your individual taste, price range, and body type. We want to empower all through the intersection of fashion and technology.


We believe that shopping should be a fun and enjoyable experience, whether that be done online or in person at a local retailer. Through the use of technology, we aim to make a world where finding your dream dress is as simple as following your favorite celebrity on social media.